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    Well, tomorrow is the last day at my current job and I start work next Monday. Looking forward to moving down. Unfortunately, I had ACL surgery two weeks ago, and the doc says 5 more months til I'm surfing. Kind of puts a downer on the move, but I suppose it will be good for me to concentrate on the new job, especially at the beginning.
    give me a shout if you live in the area and want to grab some brews in the evening, looking forward to making some new friends in my new home.
    Inject some HGH right into that ole ACL and you'll rebound much quicker, just ask Adrian Peterson, MVP!!!

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    Chinco is a refuge for anyone wanting to partake in its splendor. From a quaint little town, wildlife, lots of beach and fickle waves not to mention wonderful people. I've been a part time resident for years. Try surfing Chinco in the winter.. then you'll know what solitude is all about.

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    I surf chincoteague almost exclusively. Sometimes i drive to oc but am usually dissapointed by traffic, laws, and short rides. Ive been up from the top of nj to miami and its probably my favorite. Like the other guy said you get lots of room to yourself and just the beauty of nature all around you. Definitely the most friendly people in the water also.

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    OCMD is the Best, has the,.. for what it is worth, spot/s on DelMarVa. AI has its days still, as does Lower Slower and NJ/Lewes. CI is not a "Go to" spot, otherwise everyone would be there.

    to each his own, but surfing CI "exclusively" is not recommended for those wanting anything more then.. a long ride.