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    Lost Plank Surfboard 5'4''

    Selling a used Lost Plank surfboard. This board is 5'4'' and comes with a Futures fin quad setup. The board is 100% water tight, and has the usual pressures from usage. The integrity of the board and its deck is impeccable. This board is made for gutless surf and to fly through the flat sections, but is responsive and can be laid on a rail at ease. The board is nice and flat through the nose with sing V concave on the belly of the board that goes into a double concave by the fin boxes to allow for easy rail to rail transitions. This board is super fast when paddling and catches waves with ease. Looking for a board to surf in the summer and take your surfing to the next level? Look no further.

    The board was painted white last summer. Where the track pad was taken off, the paint began to peal when I stripped the wax, this can easily be touched up, or can be barely seen when a nice coat of wax is on the board.

    Bought the board for upwards of $650 and the fins were 70. Asking 300 for the board and fins OBO. Fins have only been used 4 times.

    PMphoto 1.jpgphoto 2.jpgphoto 3.jpgphoto 4.jpg me for more pics or details.
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    Did you paint the entire board and why? Even over the dims?

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    board was painted pink before and I didn't like the color, and I painted over the dims just because I felt they weren't important. Not hiding anything here but if you really want to see the dims they are on the link for the board.

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    Gotcha... I was just curious. Not saying you're hiding anything. I wish I could pick upa new stick, but I need to sell some myself.

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    Would you sell the fins separately? How much if so?

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    Ill sell them for $65. Literally they have been used 4 times

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    ill give you a 100

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    best i can do guys is $269

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    Where are you located?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vbbutton View Post
    Where are you located?
    portsmouth NH