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    Flights to Costa?

    Was wondering if anyone knew of any websites with cheap flights to Costa Rica in May for a week long surf trip. Would like to fly out of either Dulles or Reagan airport in D.C. area or Baltimore's airport. Information on this would be great trying to see if i can find flights around 400 to 500 bucks.
    Also what airline companies have the cheapest rates for BOARD BAG FEES!! Any information on any topic would be awesome.

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    I have had great luck with Jetblue. They fly to San Jose, which is great for Jaco or Hermosa Beach. Or, they fly into Liberia which is closer to Playa grande, tamarindo witches rock area, the Guanacaste area. If you don't mind flying mid-week, there are some good deals. Its not the cheapest flights, but board bags are $50 each way versus up to $200 for other carriers so factor those in price. Also i have stuffed 3 boards into a bag and it was still only $50. Jetblue flights can only be found on their website. Plus your own personal tv isn't bad either. Pura Vida! Prob gonna head down in april

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    TACA flies out of Dulles. last year i paid $125 for 3 boards

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    I've been flying to San Jose for the last 9 years and SPIRIT is by far the cheapest...not sure if they fly out of the DC area but well worth the look. Just booked my ticket for June for $390...they run specials all the time. Check their web site! Good louck man!

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    ask your travel agent if GoGo tours is still around. They'd offer cheap tickets and free stuff. One trip I got a 1st and last night stay at The Ambassador thrown in.

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    A friend of mine just booked RT from DCA-LIR through CLT (gotta love that particular airport designation), on US for approx $500.00 for early May travel.

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    I would definitely suggest Jet Blue...they seem to be the best. Lots of space and none of that "pay for everything" garbage. You could fly Spirit, and they will appear to be the cheapest, but they charge you for EVERYTHING, including carry-on. Where are you going? If you are flying once you get there, basic choices are Nature Air and Sansa. Both will charge for boards.
    Do you need help with details? We also run an "All American" guide service to assist with Transportation, lodging, boards, lessons, excursions etc. We meet all of our clients at the airport and can help with everything from camping to 4-star. PM me if you need suggestions/assistance.
    Also, we host a daily surf report out of Santa Teresa, including video. Check it out each day: . It will help you get in the mood!!!! Enjoy....

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    Yea i was checking out Spirit Airlines and they have flights at 444 mid week witch is when were tryin to fly out but did notice the bags fees and how screwed up the prices are. We were thinking the 15 of may thru the 21st would be the best week to head up there cause mid week flghts are usually the cheapest. Defiantly will check out Jet Blue

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    hey this is justin here in santa teresa costa rica!!! im sure youve figured out your flight situation with the help from the other responses!!!!taca,jet blue, and spirit are definatley your top 3 options!! im sure from the dc area 1 of the 3 should work for you!! more important though do you have direction once you arrive to san jose???? i can help you coordinate your trip once you arrive to the airport!!i offer a friendly and extremely helpful service to travelers that are on tight budget to splurging travelers and everything inbetween. even if you just need a little advise i can surly help you and lead you in the right direction depending on what you want to accomplish while your here!!contact me if you have any questions what so ever!! ,my name is justin and im a 16 year resident of costa rica and have been guiding for 12 of those years!!!look forward to hearing from you. 772-223-2321