If the forecast is wrong or the models missed something why not adjust it accordingly? Iíve known for many years that forecasting isnít easy so the mistakes and misses donít bother me in the least. When I go on SI the first thing I look at is the buoys from NY to NC, then the forecast. Sunday and Monday called for 1-2ft (NJ) yet the buoy was 3ft + @ 13 seconds + Sunday and 3ft + @ 11 + seconds today. The forecast had nothing over 1.5 @ 10 sec for both, yet I surfed shoulder high + waves both days. No worries, clearly the models missed it. I donít understand why SI wouldnít want to do a little damage control when they see significantly more swell than predicted showing on all of the buoys. If you donít catch it before 6 am why not tweak the forecast for 12 pm? It just seems a bit odd looking at the graph saying 1.5 @ 10 when at that very moment itís actually 3.3 @ 13.
Sorry, I know itís frowned upon to question anything that SI does or doesnít do and yeah I know itís free. Boo hoo cry me a river. I just think it would be logical to address that in some way. Would you be confused if someone said a gray Saturn was actually a red Lexus even though you can clearly see itís a gray Saturn?