I've been lucky enough to get a session in every day for the last four days. Nothing too intense, just 2-3 hours in the water. Today about an hour into it my legs gave and I felt like I was on stilts whenever I tried to pump and do a turn. I couldnt balance. Happened again on the next couple of waves, usually when going frontside. Then when I went backside it seemed ok (I don't do too much backhand stuff). First time this ever happened to me. It's usually my arms/upper body that goes first when I get tired, where after a few hours of surfing I can hardly pop up.

Does this happen to any of you after surfing a lot or am I just getting old? Also I started jogging and running a lot and committed to a 15K this spring. I figured that's probably why... But I know a lot of folks here are surfers and fitness buffs, who train with other exercises so I thought I would ask for your own personal experiences.

I just don't want to commit to an activity like any kind of long distance running (I know, 15k is not "long distance") which will end up being detrimental to surfing in the long run.