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I think y'all take the whole "don't tell the spot" thing a little too seriously. If your going to get waves your going to get waves. Encourage surfing any where, any time. Break down the barriers. Surfing is not a cult, its just regular people. I read so much hostility on the internet about telling spots but I don't know why its a freakin' beach. People don't get mad in public when others have open conversations about breaks. If someone is on the internet seeking out surf information, why not tell them the spot. If you are really afraid that is the reason your not getting waves your doing it wrong. Directed at none of you fine folks just putting some thoughts into writing. Remember we don't hold the answers, you are not the guardian of surfing, it came long before you and will go on long after, you are accomplishing nothing. If people actually talked about specific spots this site would be worthwhile.
awwwh, can't find any waves on your own? now you want the internets to help you? sorry, 'your doing it wrong'