Hey all.
Pretty bored during an extended winter break I'm having. Just got back from puerto rico last week and it was an awesome time. First surf trip and I can easily say that I will most definitely make it back to Rincon next winter. Thanks to everyone who shared some advice. Surfing down there made me question my surfing knowledge. For instance, one day I checked marias and it was literally ankle slappers and SUPers. Drive down the road a little bit and wham, its waist to chest and people are ripping.

What it all boils down to is I think I need to learn more about how beach, swell, and wind direction affect ? effect? surf conditions. I'd like to know if anyone has any good book recommendations about I guess forecasting? As much as I love swellinfo, I have no idea how to read the bouys or what anything means except for big green man means surf and little red man means get more hammered than you already are.

So.... Book suggestions on this kind of stuff?