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    HA! Just got done running 5 miles and I'm schweatin balls.
    Yeah but everybody loves your schweaty balls. Is your name Steve?

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamfed View Post
    i don't want to hear it from those of you who think 35F is warm. that probably means you have central heat and it's 70F in your house. i woke up yesterday morning and i could see my breath in the living room. try living in weather where it's always 40F, inside & outside. trust me, your body acclimates and when it does, 35F feels miserable.
    Hmmm, you could try to make the best out of it. Like, make some tea, grow a beard, read a russian novel and generally pretend that you guys don't live in a baywatch paradise of SoCA but some post industrial, post farming, EC town, where not everyone is hot and in shape and it's cold as hell in the winter.
    It could be a fun excursion till it rightly so bounces back into mid 70s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuono View Post
    ...make some tea...

    You should take it one step further, like Zippy, and wear TEA shirts!
    I love any tea with hibiscus in it, but wearing it would probably prompt an innocent bystander to call the cops and report me as a massmurderer.