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    this is something id love to see, i made a small donation and hope you reach your goal!

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    Best of luck!
    few people can say they've surfed every day for a year.
    sounds like the ultimate new years resolution.

  3. NJ swell. Thanks man! First donation! That means a lot. Thanks again.

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    The guy with the crazy long surf streak mentioned in the OP is Dale Webster from Sonoma County.

    kurebeach - you rock for doing this. Best of luck to you and keep going.

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    And another donation just got posted too. I have also shared it on my FB and offer anyone of my friends who donates a free surf lesson this summer. Let's get this shyt goin' (your $500 goal is too low)

  6. Thanks drtymama. I'm getting my wife to post it on her Facebook as well. I've got your email address and will email you next week. You have great ideas!

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    I like your cause too. Pretty cool! Keep going for it. The immature little putz from Jerz pretty well outed himself as an idiot the moment he typed in "Brah". What are you, kid? An overweight Hawaiian with tribal tats? Doubt it. Brah....What a knob gobbler. I hope you don't say that out loud in public.

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    Overweight? Yeah right brah. I've surfed 25 foot swells and I bench more than any one your family! Don't write checks your mouth can't bounce!

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    The dudes trying to help out underprivileged people and youre sitting behind your computer hating on him. "unless youre catching head high waves you aint surfing" why dont you stop trying to be be a Kelly Slater and go surf you barney get off your computer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NJshredmachine View Post
    Thats easy brah.. His waves shouldnt even count. Unless you are catching head high and above waves, you aint surfing.. And anyone can catch a wave everyday for a year!! Even my dog brah! Get up to NJ for some real waves!!
    Stop saying brah, kook. are you hawaiian? Bet you can't even surf, yeah?