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Cool. To start with, I really want to work on my pumping and smooth sweeping turns, I feel like those are the first things to improve and then move on to sharper turns, cutbacks and so forth. So ideally I'd like a board that excels in all those aspects. I was looking at the various 31" models (Fort Knox, Monsta and Resin). Wasn't really sure of the pros and cons of each of those. But I was also hoping the board would be long enough so that I could maintain the normal width of my surfing stance. I figured maintaining the same width would help the things learned on the street carry over easier to the water. What are your guys thoughts on that? I'm pretty tall, 6' 3", so I probably have a slightly wider stance than average because of the long legs. One of 31 inch boards might be long enough, hard to say, it would be close. It wouldn't be the end of the world to narrow my stance slightly, but I worry if it would have an adverse effect on my surfing? I was looking at the 34 inch Greenroom complete thinking maybe the longer board there would be better for someone taller like myself. Advice?

Edit: I should clarify I'm not interested in bombing hills or anything like that. Parking lots, roads, inclined driveways and stuff. I'm sure I'll have a blast with it but its mostly going to be a surfing crosstrainer for me. I want to take my surfing to the next level
I have the monsta carver. It has definitely helped me improve on linking turns and planning ahead on the wave. The weight distribution seems to mimic the turning of a surfboard pretty well. My only complaint is the pumping really doesn't reflect well on surfboard pumping imo. As of now I pump down the frontside line by unweighting and pressing on my toes a little and then weighting and pressing down on my heels a little. This is very similar to how I pump when skating bowls. Do people really pump down the line just by wiggling their hips back and forth? I am still fairly new to surfing and my shortest board is a 6'6 so maybe it will be different on a shorter less floaty board.