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    Mavericks is ON, Sunday morning....

    Great stuff! Swell is supposed to build. These guys are great riders on a world-class wave. It's on Surfline, live stream, but it might be on other sites as well.

    Gotta say, the one announcer at this time (1138 eastern) has a voice that bears a humorous similarity to Dana Carvey. The Church Lady giving the play-by-play.

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    BTW, they are in Round 4 right now. The event website is down, but they are streaming live through Surfline and Redbull tv.

    Really lully, not as big as I thought it would be.

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    Kinda disappointed, it looks like they overhyped the swell a little. Conditions look pristine though, but not Mavs spooky

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    Agree with that. BTW, some of the GoPro shots are pretty interesting / good.
    (and I'm not a big fan of watching Gopro vids)