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    dont wear sunglasses in the lineup unless its flat and youre on a paddleboard or something.

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    If you are going out only on most weekends I don't think you should be having much eye issues from the sun. Stop worrying so much
    An acquaintance and avid surfer and shaper died in his prime of melanoma of the eye. It got my attention.

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    Do your thing Betty, don't listen to the fashion experts

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    Been wearing Sea Specs for 7 years now. I won't travel without them. They stay on in all different kinds of waves, including the sizeable washing machine beach breaks of Playa Hermosa and Playa Grande (they have not been "island" tested). You do need to keep them clean - that helps eliminate the spotting issues. Any decent lens cleaner works. And you need to clean them before each session. If they are dirty they are more prone to spotting and fogging.

    The only caveat is, they really are warm-weather only. Once the water drops into the lower 60's (I'm Delmarva based), they fog badly and take a few moments to clear when you come up from a duck dive. Once the water hits the 50's, they stay home. Nothing will keep them from fogging. We learned this the hard way with my son's prescription Sea Specs and Silverfish. Tried EVERYTHING to allow him to see during our cold water months, and no water specs passed the test. We even used the heavy duty diver de-fogger stuff, and with in minutes in December he'd be fogged over and blind. He surfs with contacts now.

    So they do work well in a number of situations. Great on those sunrise summer mornings when everybody else has their hands over their eyes, squinting so hard that it hurts.
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    The clay bar will add a hardened coat to the surface helping to prevent scratches and the rain x acts as a wax. Like a car, when you clay bar the paint you are supposed to claybar the glass to resurface it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Betty View Post
    An acquaintance and avid surfer and shaper died in his prime of melanoma of the eye. It got my attention.
    He was someone who dedicated their life to surfing. Not a weekend surfer