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    Bungalows in Hermosa Costa Rica

    Has anyone ever stayed in the bungalows next to the Almond Tree in Hermosa, Costa Rica. A group of my friend and I are planning a trip there in May and was wondering if anyone had heard about this place and if they could give me any advice on this place at all. There will be a group of six of us and we are looking to stay a week at a reasonable price.

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    Haven't stayed there but know exactly where they are and have known a few friends that have stayed. If your not getting a car its the perfect place if you don't want a car. You can walk up the street or beach and have drinks and food at Backyards and other places in the heart of Hermosa...not that Hermosa is that big of a place. If you really need stuff or want a night on the town, a cab is a few bucks to Jaco. The bungalows are clean and reasonably priced and the best part...out the front door to perfect Hermosa surf!!! Check VBRO for some of their ads... Shouldn't be more than $1200 for the week if not cheaper.

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    yea I have stayed in jaco before a couple years back but not really trying to be around the town that much this time. The bungalows look like a good idea for me and a group of friends im goin with reasonably priced thanks for the info.