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    Board Rentals in Santa Teresa, CR

    Going to Santa Teresa at the end of the month and was wondering the best deal or best local surf shop to rent boards from.

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    Also, what are the fun breaks Santa Teresa. Not looking for anything insane but doen't matter if its beach break or point or reef, just something fun for a week and consistant. I am staying at Otro Lado if that helps with location.

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    Playa Carmen is a sweet break. Good on high tide going out. At low tide theres a shelf that sticks up 4 to 6 ft that has a tidal pool full of fish and a yellow bellied seas snake (was there the last time in 05). Playa hermosa and Bongo to the north are great. There's Cedros in Cabuya across the mountain. It's a left that has 1 take off point and is very crowded at times. the bottom is really sketchy jagged protruding rocks.

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    Sounds cool but do I need to fear the sea snakes and that means its un-surfable at low tide, right? And if so then is there a beach break to surf low tide at. I'm not planning on surfing Feb much so I would like to get as much in as possible. Thanks

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    the sea snake was in a tidal pool. there's meaner critters to worry about. My favorite spot in Mal Pais area is Zanaida's Lefts. she had a bunch of cabins in front of a killer break. here's a big one there.
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    Did you bring or rent boards there and do I need reef booties or is it not too bad. Also, where did you rent boards and what are those pictures of, I think I'm probably just looking wrong.

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    I always brought my board. I'd bring reef booties to access the tidal pools due to small barnacles. I'd bring an umbrella for shade, my wrist rocket, and 200' of rope for when I mess up in rental cars. most everything else you can get there.

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    When I was camping on Playa Carmen, I had a 6'10" secret spot surfboard I'd rent. but no one liked it. said it was too small. I left it with a german guy that lives 50 meters from franks place. it's over 20 years old now but you could ask him if it's still there. He's a good guy to know. His name is Andreas Schneider.
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    I'm not renting a car, but Playa Carmen is walking distance from where I'm staying. Can you surf there at low tide? What are those pictures of? And also, if the 6 10 was too small how big are the waves there, or how small or mushy.

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    it can get big. I was camping there for a month and thought I had it wired. My camp was in the circle of palms when you turn right at the end of the road. I waited for out going tide and almost made it over the top of 12' face. it beat me with my board and twisted me in odd shapes. it must have look bad from the beach, cause when I stumbled out of the water, people looked shocked I walked out. It looks easy but, sneaker sets come in a lot. the only time I almost drowned was there. I was out, this thing broke out on the horizon and nothing but a giant wall of white water rushed in. I turned and paddled like hell but was overtaken. I was pushed in front of the white water and it started walling up again. as I pushed down the nose and took a deep breath, I saw a drop of water come off the front and it went right down my wind pipe. I was wheezing and gasping as I dropped down the face with a death grip on my board. if I'da fallen off I'd be dead. After that, I always thought that was how Eddie Aikow died.