Yeah, Cape May seemed like it was going to be the spot but I guess that there was just a little too much North in the swell still. We've caught that place when it was absolutely ridiculous on pretty much the same swell direction before so I was somewhat surprised when we got there and were met with small/medium surf. I'm sure that the winds had something to do with it. I guess it's kind of like how you know your home break so well and know exactly what it's going to do... I'm sure the locals there knew what was in store. Luckily I had other business to take care of up there so it wasn't a totally wasted trip and we did manage to catch a super fickle chest high left for about an hour in the morning.

Definitely there are some great spots along the way to MA but just as anywhere else, check the swell direction and winds and you should be able to find a good spot assuming that there is some swell pushing through.