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    anyone have info on these wetsuits? (Oneal, keeban, henderson fathom)

    Hey everyone Im just looking to see if anyone knows if these wet suits are worth anything? I gotta imagine the oneal may be worth a little because its a full size, great shape and company, plus maybe got some retro thing going for it?

    anyways here are some pics. All can be found at the following link

    First is a Henderson aquatics size xxxl according to writing on suit

    Next is a fathom seafex size L maybe 5mm? Made in West Indies

    Third is a Kebanni (I apologize, I said keeban in title) wet suit Size XL

    Last is the Oneal Smoothies Snake skin Size L

    thanks for any info.
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    Sure 15$ each if you can sell em.. look like they are for kooks..

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    Hah yea I dont expect them to bring high dollar, just wanted to be sure none of these were "rare" or sought out before I threw them on ebay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marksharky View Post
    Sure 15$ each if you can sell em.. look like they are for kooks..
    Are you really judging a wetsuit by how it looks? Without knowing anything about it?

    As for OP, my buddy has an Oneil that sort of looks like them just the funky colors are only on the inside. It's long leg short sleeve and he loves it. 1.5 mm

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    Yea the Oneil wetsuit wont be for everyone.. feel like someone has to be into that style. Let me know if you have any insight to the value of these.

    15 a piece wouldnt surprise me, but if one should be worth more Id like to know


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    The older ones could be worth more to a collector. Only thing I have to ask.... what kind of whale was wearing them? Especially the Henderson, it's a 100% female suit.