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    how can a camera make you kooky? if you rip, you rip. if you don't, you don't. it's a cool tool, use it any way you want. just don't expect other people to care about the **** you're posting unless you're killing it.
    the same way that wearing a clown nose will make you look like a clown. lol.

    that being said... I don't give a sh%t. I take the gopro out on the nose of my board whenever the h4ll I want...

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    i enjoy my gopro but only used it in my hand while i surfed.. never tried any other mounts or angles yet .. check out a video i posted with only the wrist mount ( little disy but still cool )

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    Scored an epic session with the GoPro yesterday. Overhead drop ins, a few wipeouts. Kids had a blast.


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    I think they are cool for getting video of friends in the water... If you use it on your board I'd point it forward. If you can get shacked it's seems cool to re-live it. When pointed back at yoursalf it always makes you look like a kook. It makes you look stiff and like you suck. And I've seen that with guys who I know rip. It just doesn't do you justice... But it's cool to pass it around and get video in the water.
    Bottom line... If you're a kook you will look like a kook. If you rip and have one on your board you'll get more respect. Nobody wants to see video evidence that they are a kook