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Thread: West End LB NY

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    West End LB NY

    I am moving to Long Beach in a couple months, trying to figure out where exactly, hoping some of you guys that live there and could help me out. Have a few questions:

    1. How are the breaks on the West End? I have always came into town either from LB rd or the Loop/Meadowbrook so usually don't check it down there. Have surfed there a handful of times but never on a good day. Generally I have heard that its a bit smaller, a bit less crowded. Is that fair?

    2. How long does it take to drive across town during rush hour? Need to get to the Loop for my commute so trying to factor that in.

    3. Is renting an apartment on the West End without a reserved parking spot a really bad idea?

    Many thanks.

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    the parking in the west end is tricky especially in the summer, but you can get a parking permit for some lots down there but for residents only...... its known to be bad parking down there generally especially summertime...

    I live between the loop and the west end, near Laurelton, and it would take a good 15 minutes with lights etc from the west end to the loop parkway in the morning..

    There are various breaks in all of Long Beach from Lido to the west end, summertime its different for some of the beaches (not in Long Beach) where you need to be a Nassau county resident to park for free with a sticker, depending on time of day and year, but in Long Beach surfing is everywhere basically except for summer months when they have designated beaches for that particular week.

    We are all wondering now what it will be like going forward after the hurricane, as now there is no boardwalk, and we don't know what will be happening with the usual "rules" and entrances to each beach block and the designated surfing beaches, I am assuming it will be the same, starts Memorial Day. Again alot has changed since the hurricane, its a work in progress here now. Hope this helped a little.