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    I got a place at the north end of Jaco and have been traveling there for over 8 years. Jaco at low tide just dumps on the beach. If there is any size (3 to 5 ft) Jaco will break good for about 2 1/2 hours on the incoming high tide and outgoing tide. There are sand bars all along Jaco with it breaking more gentle down to the south end. Since your heading in March, your a few weeks short of the Southern Hemi season for big swells that come off of New Zeland and Australia but never the less your in Central America and there is always waves...always. If its small in Jaco just head to Hermosa...could be flat in Jaco and Hermosa will still be waist to chest. If your going for a week just keep and eye on the surf report:
    The other good website is having some issues with their web site. Hermosa breaks good all the
    time excpet dead high tide because there is so much water pushing in and the beach is steep at the north end. Tulins is better because the beach is more flat and this is good at low tide...but that's way out. Esterellios is just like Jaco...better on the mid to high tides. CHICHARRONE got it right...good advice. Boca by far the longest and easiest wave but it needs a BIG SOUTH SWELL. You probably won't see one this early in the season. Hermosa will be your most consistent wave. Good rule of thumb...if Hermosa is HUGE...head north to Boca Barranca. If you need any advice on car rental or anythhing else let me know!
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