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    I hate the Patriots too and the Ravens do have a good team. I just can't stand Lewis. It's amazing how Plaxico serves time for shooting himself in the foot but Lewis who was involved in a murder doesn't serve any time. It's pretty crazy. Instead, the media acts like Lewis is a hero and a bible preacher.

    You just need money in this day and age to get out of murder. I think Ray took some advice from OJ before going into a lengthy trial. Rat on your friends and pay off the victims poor families. Where did Ray's white suit disappear to? I just can't believe that people let their children wear a Lewis jersey. Great role model. One fan told me that it was so long ago and everyone makes mistakes, lol. Most people make mistakes (speeding, hell even shoplifting) but murder is a little different there skip.

    I would wish the Ravens luck but I just can't until Ray is off the team.
    Are you related to Wes Welker's wife? I'm not going to argue Ray's innocence with you - the legal system already did so.

    The media is not crazy. Why do you think Patrick Willis dons the five-two? Why do you think Michael Phelps credits Ray for helping him win his Olympic Medals? Why do you think ESPN already contracted him to be on Monday Night Countdown? Why do you think Ray is a regular lecturer at Harvard Law School, among many others? The media is not crazy.

    I will never forget what Ray Lewis did for the city of Baltimore. He is a true inspiration to many and he will always be considered to be one the greatest leaders to ever play the game. I consider myself fortunate to have grown up watching a legend play week in and week out. Ray Lewis is a hero of mine & I will miss seeing him in purple. The world has never known a Raven team without Ray Lewis and he will always remain synonymous with the franchise.

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    Lets not forget what Omar Little did for B-More, either.

    "I got a shotgun, you got a briefcase. It's all the same game, right?"

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