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The coolest footage ever (...lost it on a stolen laptop....) was when we clamped it on my friend's great dane's collar and let him "fight" his mastiff (no mike vick, these dogs live better than I do, they just play around a lot) but the video was effign terrifying.
see, that would actually be cool! i guess you've gotta be creative w/ it to make the best use of the thing...the gopro display at the shop where i work has a pretty neat loop that uses footage of makr healey swimming w/ great whites, diving on wrecks, etc...as well as sky divers, base jumpers, car racing, alana blanchard, slater...the list goes on. almost NONE of it features deck-mounted cameras facing the surfer.
going off of your dog collar idea, i think it would be pretty neat if somoene mounted one to a sea turtle's shell & let it loose. i bet we'd learn a LOT about where they go & what they do from something like that! or someone could put one on mary lee as she cruises the coast!