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    Amazing shapes by Andrew Leal

    Leal has been making some great shapes with impressive color work, check 'em out

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    definitely some impressive color work, but the shapes are sorta "meh" & look decisively amateur. not impressed, but keep plugging away. refine the outlines & you might be on to something.

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    Nice site bro. I like it a lot (Dumb & Dumber voice). Some good looking finishes on those sticks and I like the completeness of the quiver. I'm not a connoisseur of shapes like nj42 and others so my fine tooth comb is less scrutinizing. Dig the hell out of the skate vid too on there as well as how that plays in. Howzaboot trowin Carver action in the next vid brah?

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    I'm down with that Work Horse at 6'7x21x2 5/8 fairly flat rocker, foiled rails and with quad and large center fin box setup. Radness.
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