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    Good luck my friend. I think those boards are cool, too bad your board making abilities don't mimic your marketing strategy. I saw "the worlds most expensive" surfboard, I'm just wondering who dicided that. Do you have it insured for a large sum? I guess my claim is its tough to make something then decide the value yourself. Maybe if your boards become some craze and you have a couple of boards that were originals they could be worth something but just to claim something is worth that is crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post
    I've sold lots of boards, plans, and kitsets to surfers, and none so far to non surfers, although I have no objection to doing so.

    You should do a course in set theory.

    Sure, we believe you. How many $500k+ boards have you sold?

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    Man! Is this winter slow or what.
    I can't wait to get to Costa Rica next week. Maybe by the time I get back, Stuey will have sold one of his boards to Warren Buffet & then he can chill the f*** out on this forum.

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    Stuart's a chattering Kiwi nutjob.

    Accurately label him a walking, talking, shaping, wave riding, toxic spew of psychologically disturbing swirl in the most clinical sense of the analysis. Pick one, pick several.....BPD, narcissist, bi-polar, just plain off his meds, perhaps partaking of just a few too many island sheep (wouldn't crossing the line there amount to just one sheep?) or massive 'shrooms when he was in his 20's.

    Bottom line: Stuart will run this thread for months. His capacity for spewing BS is endless.

    The only thing that will give us a rest is if the thread is locked (see: Swaylocks & Grainsurf) or until Francis in Alaska, aka, Costco Closes at 4 or Crusto4 or whatever his moniker is, ultimately goes bananas with his bear-in-the-front-yard stories & snaps.

    (EZ, Francis...just kiddn!; given your vibe, I felt the need to explain that to you....lighten up, Francis!)

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    I like the way you think yankee.. Could be a little something this weekend, I think we all need to get wet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Willis55 View Post
    I like the way you think yankee.. Could be a little something this weekend, I think we all need to get wet
    True dat, Willis.

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    The Makaha 12-9 at The Point yesterday:

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    That looks really fun but I could do the same thing on my $600 Bing Dharma. Not sure why I would want that board if it's not gonna improve my surfing. I always comment that most of the waves I screw up are not the wave but me trying to over surf the board and out run the wave. I could easily hang back and cruise on any of my boards.

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    You should put a face guard on the helmet to keep you from licking the windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippy View Post
    I could do the same thing on my $600 Bing Dharma..
    Tell him he's dreaming!