I think what a lot of people are missing, well not really missing, I think you all get it but keep arguing with him anyway, is his design goals.
Roy has clearly stated that it is about surfing efficiency. 1 definition of efficiency: accomplishment of or ability to accomplish a job with a minimum expenditure of time and effort. I think minimum effort is key here.
So, performance to him is getting into the wave early, setting up and staying in trim with minimal effort.
From what I gather this means standing in the same place on the board, with minimal movement from the rider (some squatting/standing changes, no walking or shuffling and minute 'turning' adjustments to stay in trim). Everything else (to him) is bullsh t

His boards do seem to do that rather well. While that might not be what I want to do or experience that doesn't really matter. I think that is the whole point.

So to argue about your board out performing his...you're talking about two very different ideas of what 'performing' is.
The money thing is a whole other topic and one that I think isn't worth arguing with him either.

Just my opinion, I don't know, maybe I've got it all wrong...