I know I said I won't post here again.. but here I am...
Roy let me tell you things about your board.
1. they will perform like turd in small waves.
2. they will perform like Turd in STEEP fast waves.
3. they are designed for mushy waves probably waist high to shoulder high with slow faces.

so, now that those points are established, and they are until you post some video of steep fast hollow waves being ridden by you, let me ask you this.....
What the heck is the point of this entire thread? You want to discuss what? how you are not open to being critique-d or how you thumb your nose at the modern surfboard? What is it? what do you want? do you want all of us to say, gee wiz, that Roy guy sure is crafty and witty all roled into one!

To be totally honest on your design... its appears to be pretty simplistic an not very advanced. by sticking the tail of the board into the rising wave you take advantage of its most abundant power but whats the point? You are not able to take advantage of the rest of the wave.
For example, modern thruster actually generates speed from user input. did you know that? Other then the tail inside the rising part of the wave, you are maybe getting some quick lived speed from gravity.
For that reason alone you'll never take advantag of a wave the way a modern surfboard does.
Not too mention you design pigeon holes you into one type of wave. Mushy, (big or small) slow moving shoulders.

I, along with everyone in this thread is impressed by one thing and one thing only... how much of an irritating annoyance you have become. Seeing this thread on this forum everday has made this site an unpleasant experience. Now give it a rest. no one is going to give you a damn as you contiune on with yourself like this.