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    What do you do when your product doesn't sell in a competitive marketplace?

    1. Lower your price.
    2. Raise your price.

    What do you do, however, when your product is so inferior & outmoded that not only is no one interested in buying it at the standard price, no one is interested in buying it at a lower, below-market price?

    1. Stop making the product
    2. Raise the price so high, raise it to exorbitant, near-astronomical levels, and label the same, inferior & outmoded product a rarity worth the 'new' much higher price tag.

    In Stuart's case, he chose door number 2. Then came the tried & tested selling program. Here's how its done:

    A. You justify the massively higher price tag with pop-psychology terminology cloaked in pseudo-technical terms.
    B. You deride or disparage anyone who performs a review of your sub-par product as 'not knowing how to use the product properly.'
    C. You portray your previously-lousy product as a unique piece of performance art that is so different from anything on the market that it is better by its mere existence.
    D. You take the aggressive marketing stance that the purveyors of crap products the world over have taken for decades, namely, you state that your claims of product performance must be proven wrong rather than you actually proving that your claims of product performance are true.
    E. You repeat your claims so many times & at such volume & in as many product marketing venues as possible that your noise drowns out objectivity for some consumers & they then fall victim to your bogus claims of product performance.
    F. You sell to ignorant consumers who fall victim to your marketing scams.

    That's Roy Stuart, and that's his business model, in a nutshell.

    After many years of failing to crack the competitive market with his creations, Stuart the shaper essentially did all of the above, A - F. Perhaps it was his inspiration to do so after a long night drowning his failing business sorrows in a sea of Lion Red beer. Whilst on the piss, Stuart derived his new strategy (see above). And this is where you have it today with this guy.

    As for anyone who buys a Stuart board, Barnum said it best: "There's a sucker born every minute."
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