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    I read carters post and he got you guys good. lgbt community get that crap out of here... theres kids on this website. I am a major proponent of business (small medium and large corporate business) and value capitalism, but I cant see how these boards are marketed and justified by consumers. I wonder the complexity of the finance plans, insurance, and warranties on these boards...roy must have a good lawyer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Taylor View Post
    In the meantime think about your actions and how you may have offended members of the LGBT community with your open hateful expressions.
    Whoa. While I have no animosity towards that community, but I also previously had no reservations about offending them, especially here. That Chaz Bono really creeps me out.

    Hey Manisses, I hear ya on the lemon Dells, can't go wrong. But the watermelon is just so refreshing. Especially with a little piece of the 11,666 1/4's I'm going to buy.

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    seldom - yeah that chaz bono thing is scary.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Charles Taylor View Post
    Carter your showing signs of defeat and loss. Only someone who has failed would resort to belittling their foe by making useless and quite classless remarks like what you have said. I take what you say for a grain of salt. This is all about your feelings towards the price of an artistically valued object. Like I've tried to spell out for you, drop the stigma of what a surfboard is worth, defined to you by the surf industry norm surely, pull your head in and get real. Just accept it, it's not a big deal. Just think of Roy's work as a creative artistic expression used in surfboards, a damn nice one I might add.

    In the meantime think about your actions and how you may have offended members of the LGBT community with your open hateful expressions. It's really classless friend.
    I never claimed to be classy Charlie Brown. I tried for many pages to use polite factual based arguments but you just seem to ignore it and call me a communist. Please if you are going to use a clloquialism use them right, it's take it WITH a grain of salt not as a grain of salt. You are 100% right this is about my feelings towards an artistically valued object and I am entitled to them which seems to bug the hell out of you even more than it does Roy. The surf industry does not tell me what a surfboard is worth, I own no Merricks, no Losts, no Coils or any other name brand surfboard. All of mine are shaped locally in Wilmington by a small shaper who I would rather support than the mainstream brands. I have never paid over $500 for a new board even though I can buy all of the above mentioned brands, My version of redistribution of wealth as Roy likes to claim is making sure to save for my sons college, have a nice retirement account and leave an inheritance for my child. As I said in the car thread I drive a 2007 Honda accord with 136,000 miles on it. 8 years ago when my son was born we bought my wife a Mercedes Benz ML 350 ($58,000 car) because I worked in the auto lending industry and was around cars all day, and thought they were cool. After 3 years when we traded it in for $30,000 with less than 35,000 miles I realized once and for all "toys" just don't hold their value. My wife and I make almost $200,000 a year between us and could drive most any luxury car we want but as stated choose to spend/save our money more wisley. Yes Roy's boards are a creative artisitc expression and as such open to criticism by the community you need to JUST ACCEPT that! In all truthfulness I hope you make some great wooden boards, sell them for a lot of money, move to NZ with Roy and spend the rest of your days surfing in matching orange jumpsuits.

    Oh and too the LGBT community if I offended you please go have a parade.
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    Carter you need to realise that there's a big difference between accepting the fact that criticism occurs and accepting the content of the criticism.

    Just as you have the right to criticise, we have the right to reply and counter such criticism.

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    so by those figures... you sell a board once every ten years thereabouts (the million dollar one) or one of the couple-hundred-thousand ones once every few years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    Roy's surfboard does not warrant 72 pages of discussion.
    I actually just watched Randy Raricks review again. I thought it was really well done and fair.
    what part of it did Roy not like?
    It warrants many more pages than that MrFitz, there are thousands of pages out there on the subject already.

    A few facts:

    1) Randy fell off on four out of six waves so hadn't even understood how to ride the board before making his pronouncements. In other words he kooked it.

    2) In his written review which was far more scathing he stated that the board would go better if it were cut in half. That is not correct, but the statement reveals much about Randy's intelligence or lack of it, and his motives.

    3) He tried to ride the board like a 'Malibu' and was standing too far back... a common mistake at first, which he didn't fix. Standing too far back on the tail ruins the ride.

    4) He says that the board has too much rocker. In fact the rocker is moderate compared with other surfboards. He obviously doesn't understand rocker.

    5) It was stated earlier in this thread that Randy rode the board at my request. That is not correct, I had no contact with him until afterwards and did not request that he ride the board. The board was of course available to anyone who wished to try it.

    6) I have many great ride reports from people who rode the 13 footer during the tour. The haters always concentrate on Randy's review, and ignore the positive reports.

    7) I was warned by an insider in Hawaii that Randy is not to be trusted. I let him ride the board anyway as the event was open to all.

    8) In the long run his review is of little consequence.


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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarter View Post

    I tried for many pages to use polite factual based arguments.
    You failed and then became abusive, a common pattern but don't worry, practice makes perfect.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post
    You failed and then became abusive, a common pattern but don't worry, practice makes perfect.

    You accuse others of something you do regularly.