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    Apparently they do things way different in NZ. Goats, surf-helmets, orange dry-suits, 16 foot surfboards with gold and jewels bedazzling them. Sounds like Oz (as in the Wizard of) out that mafuka. If I came in to some money, I'd have Roy build a custom Viking long boat. Then I'd recruit a bunch of SI forum junkies, row to New Zealand and try to take over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by baddy trailerpark View Post
    they do things different in new zealand.
    En Zee El! N Z L!

  3. All I want to know is why the guy in the videos is wearing a helmet????

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    Okay. I have a full wood and metal shop.

    Anyone from New England want to start this company up with me to compete with him? We can sell our boards for a mere 397K, a bargain obviously. Market it to princes in the middle east as the ultimate status symbol whilst riding the epic waves of fern-gully. Of course, our unicorn horn based fin system would run an extra few bucks, and the panda skin board bag...naturally.

    Seriously, has he sold any of these? There must be some gold plated Ferrari driving prince that would drop change on one of these just to say he has one.

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    Wow, this thread is over a year old and I just read the first 5 pages of it. I also went to this guys website. Incredible. 1.3 Million? I always wondered what the big deal was about this Roy Fella. Thought he was just a guy that had different views of surfboard design than everyone else. Now that I know what is really going on. I am speechless.

    There is nothing more to say. If this dude has even sold ONE of these boards, he is kind of a cult hero. I mean, who in the *&*^%*&^$%*&^$*^%$&^%(*&%^ would entertain such a thought????? I mean, I know Bill Gates is worth 78 Billion, give or take, but he ain't gonna drop a cool mill on a wooden surfboard....

    I would call the guy a thief if he was charging $10,000. But 1.3 Million? Wow. Good luck with that.

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    ROYYYYYYY.... we are talking about youuuuuuuu...... I want to ride a roy board. Would renting a right on a roy rider represent remuneration of right around...say $74,285 for the day? usually around $40 a day for a $700 board.... so just hoping to rent a day with roys wood.

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    Hey roy, how many boards have you sold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chicharronne View Post
    En Zee El! N Z L!
    3 million people, 60 million sheep.

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    N Zed, where the men are free and the sheep are scared....

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    I have three very sweet 8' boards shaped in EPS, time for some short boarding...