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I'm not sayin it has to much rocker for hawaii...i personally think it appears to have to much rocker in general for a long board. Like i said personal opinion. You are entitle to design and make what you'd like. And i'm not arguing that. Im really just talkin boards. it interests me.

The amount of rocker in a board is something which can be measured, so opinion which is not based on measurement is of little use.

When I say that the board has les rocker than most longboards and is in the low rockered range then it's a matter of measured and thus demonstrable, fact.

Why would you persist in stating that it has too much rocker when measurements show that it has a low rocker when compared with other longboards? It doesn't make sense to cling to such erroneous beliefs.

Keep in mind that appearance can be deceptive when it comes to rocker. Measurement is the key.