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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    Ohhh.That's funny... Good job Fay Roy Stuart.

    But seriously. Has he ever sold a board? I can't imagine one person has ever paid $1.3M for a board. I don't care how lame they are and how awesome they think the board is...
    Lame is what the mainstream boards are... they cannot compete.

    I've been surfing for 47 years and building these boards for 19 years, over which period I've sold many boards.


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    I meant the dude buying the board is lame.

    Good job on the sales... That's a lot of $

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    Quote Originally Posted by nynj View Post
    I meant the dude buying the board is lame.

    Good job on the sales... That's a lot of $
    stop it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post
    Hey Roy, why don't you prove you are the real deal... post a picture of yourself sanding on your left leg, right foot off the ground while holding a cup upside down in your right hand.... until then you're a posting troll...
    You suggest that I am impersonating Roy?

    The photo idea amuses me, it shall be done today for your entertainment and education.

    By the way you are incorrect in saying that until I post such a picture I am a troll... my identity cannot change ... only your perception will change. In short, I know while you have to guess.


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    Quote Originally Posted by MFitz73 View Post

    Zippy, I think it's pretty obvious that this is a posting troll... but even so, the responses should hopefully make their way back to the real roy as the idea of the board being that expensive derves the originator to hear it.
    Much which seems obvious to people here is in fact false.


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    Quote Originally Posted by yankee View Post
    Found this posted on an esoteric website:

    "....his boards have been universally disregarded by anyone who actually surfs as useless and dangerous pieces of rubbish. Stradavarius’ violins have been played by the greatest virtuosos over the years, whereas Roys boards have only ever been ridden by one or two pros, with almost universal criticism. Unfortunately, I assume this is just another part of his google spamming campaign in a sad and pathetic attempt to sell boards for half a million dollars to people who are incapable of suring them, thereby endangering themselves and others who have to share a break with someone woefully unable to control Roy’s ridiculous wooden juganauts. I’d seriously recommend that anyone who genuinely thinks about purchasing any of his products to thoroughly research every aspect of his designs and read a number of his own posts that show his inability to respond to criticisms that have been made – these are nothing more than an attempt to sell incredibly overpriced boards to the “ultra rich” (to quote Roy himself) as status items or pieces of art rather than functioning surfcraft, and when we really get down to it, there’s nothing here any cabinet maker couldn’t do."
    Liam - 05/06/2011 at 6:39 pm

    Have to say that Liam is making sense to this po' boy who can't afford 528k for a friggin longboard, now or ever.

    BTW, I dug a bit on the 'Net & most of the 'reviews' are just land-locked ravings of the rich & goofy on websites like (the name alone...).
    That comment quoted above is full of misinformation, I can post reviews if you wish.



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    Quote Originally Posted by leethestud View Post

    That guy in the video looks like a normal 1st street kook
    The 'guy' in the video is at the top of the pecking order. What he 'looks like' to you is irrelevant.

    Back to the drawing board, broski...
    You overestimate your influence on my surfboard designs, which is in fact zero.


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    Here's the Future Primitive 'Ghost' 12 footer at Manu Bay, Raglan. A 13 foot version of this board is currently on tour ( and has been since 2008) the board is in San Francisco at present.

    Last edited by Roy Stuart; Feb 4, 2013 at 09:07 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post
    Much which seems obvious to people here is in fact false.

    yes, starting with you. now post that picture I requested. its the only way to verify yourself to us.

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    I don't have to answer to you and I've already told you who I am.

    If you really want me to take the silly photo then you'll have to ask more politely than that.

    You state that I am not who I say I am, that statement is false, regardless of any photo or other 'proof'. How does it feel to be posting false accusations?