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    Quote Originally Posted by rcarter View Post

    Charles you and Roy are both missing the point. The magazines like 99% of the surf community consider charging 10 times the average US household income in 2011 or almost 2x the average house price in 2010 outrageous!
    Presumably you are referring to surfing magazines since there are many other magazines which do not find it outrageous at all and have proven this by publishing features which enthuse about the boards and their price.

    Regarding surf mags, you can't be serious... it's hardly news to Charles or myself that surf mags and many surfers find the prices to be 'outrageous'.

    Roy you look and talk like a hippie but then turn around and say this is your own redistribution of wealth program from the rich to you, how hypocritical is that?
    I don't buy into the 'Hippy' stereotype and fail to see what my appearance has to do with surfboard pricing.

    I have never espoused communism or suggested that high levels of wealth are bad so you suggestion that I 'sound like a hippy' is completely spurious as a basis for your accusation of hypocrisy

    The article did not in any way bash Roy's work
    It referred to it in a most inaccurate and disparaging way, but I have not complained about that as it is their business to express their opinions... they should do so however without telling blatant lies.

    but did "talk down" about HIM again due to his pricing.
    Again I have no problem with that and am sufficiently astute that I expected it, but they should not stoop to telling lies and high handedly reducing the price on my behalf.

    This is the issue most all people have with these boards.
    'Most all' wtf does that mean?

    In any case I get a tremendous amount of positive feedback from surfers all over the globe, including many who have ridden one of my boards.

    The haters will always hate and did so prior to the advent of the stupendous prices.

    Bottom line is that I get a lot of information which you don't ever see.

    . As previously stated Roy's work is art and he is entitled to sell them for whatever price he wants but like I said "own" it and don't try to act like others should not disagree and get upset when people get angry at you charging outrageous prices
    No anger here boy, and certainly no 'act'...I just correct you where you go wrong, and post my opinion.

    Roy I know this is your work and you take criticism very personal as evidenced by your banning from Swaylocks.
    You got that one back to front.

    The reason why I was banned was because so many members were 'losing their rag' and showing signs of serious anger problems Mike Paler said as much and he also said that I had broken no forum rules but was causing others to get so angry that they were breaking the rules.

    The level of abuse being posted by some of them was way over the top... and was highly illegal. Mike Paler had to stop it and took the easy route.

    Like all artists if you are going to put your work out there you gotta take the heat it will bring from those who disagree with it.
    I do, and have been doing so for the past 17 years, I reserve the right to have my say though, and doing so in response to people like you is something I've done so many times it's routine and requires no significant emotion.

    In other words it 'aint hot

    Do you see Spielberg going ape poopy when a critic does not like his movie?
    You expect me to stalk him?

    Honestly I have no idea what Spielberg does or feels in response to criticism and don't care.

    You dig yourself a hole with your cryptic responses to valid criticism
    Valid criticism?

    Like what?

    All I see is illogical dribble and irrelevant bumf.

    Thanks for the compliment regarding my 'cryptic' responses... lack of understanding from people like you is a very good sign, we sometimes call it a litmus test' which shows that we are making sense.

    and then act like the world is against you and every surf publication hates you.
    Pure fiction from you, there's no such act and I have no such opinion.


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    Quote Originally Posted by AtanticO View Post
    listen to sound like an idiot. stop trying to sound smart when discussing a hippies surfboard or surfing in general. your a stupid, toothless, methed out southerner for crying out loud! shouldn't you be taking your toaster apart? what a mindless goon. all you do is argue and try be superior. why is it important you tell him whats up?

    Roy likes your style of lingo.

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    In any case in the long run huge prices for some surfboards is good for the surfing world, and is surfing so unimportant and boring that we allow the existence of million dollar ladies handbags and million dollar pieces of painted plywood to hang on the wall but balk at surfboards having a high top end?

    It sounds to me that rcater and a few others don't really love surfing at all, they are just communist tall poppy lopping types, full of hot air, and of no real consequence.

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    Tristan with the Duke 9'3" at the point yesterday. His surfing is improving rapidly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtanticO View Post
    yankee/rcarter is all about being right regardless of topic or how wrong she really is. her therapist is at a loss with her.
    atlantico-no-go, why do you try to start forum brawls with your instigating & your insulting of other people here?
    What is your purpose aside from bourbon-infused scrabbling on your keyboard? Is that even a purpose?
    You hijack threads, you instigate off-topic drivel & you launch your Defcon22 AngryBuoy at anyone & everyone.
    Plus, you're just plain boring. That last item may be your biggest offense, actually.

    Admin, isn't the banned oceano-go-no the same act as atlantico-no-go?

    If the one is banned for the usual infarctions of dropping verbal turds on the human race as well as other, less-insane (but still-insane!) aspects, shouldn't atlantico-no-go be banished to the land of bread & water?

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtanticO View Post
    ... your a stupid, toothless, methed out southerner ...
    you used the wrong form of (you're/your) in YOUR attempt to call someone stupid. Irony is a b*tch, isn't she? How does it go? The pot calls the kettle black and a forum war ensues? Go away.

    Also, nobody is going to convince the gnome to lower the price of his micro yachts so we might as well just continue to not buy them and move on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Roy Stuart View Post
    Roy likes your style of lingo.
    Of course you would. That says a lot about your intelligence level.

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    I'm convinced that atlantico-no-go, ocean-no-go, nj playuh, njshredmachine......are actually the shredmachine.

    All have the same 12 year old child's vocab & syntax, the same schoolyard taunts, the same talkin'-above-his-pay- grade style of strange, off-key insults.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtanticO View Post
    goes to show what kooks most SI posters are. why you still here? what happened to your temper-tantrum thread about how you want to delete your profiles and never come back because you got a wrist slap for throwing out murder threats...multiple times?
    Leave. GTFO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seldom seen View Post
    Leave. GTFO.
    x2 ^^ yes