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    Lost Rocket 4 Sale

    Need to sell some boards..

    My 5'10 x 19.5 x 2.38 Lost Rocket is in excellent shape and looks brand new. It has a gloss finish rather than the standard glass. It also has the carbon fiber on the tail.

    I can easily ship it anywhere in the US if need be. Also I can hand deliver pretty much anywhere in MD if needed.
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    Nice! mine is a 6'0 20 wide and 2.5 thick. your dim's are probably what i need. just curious, how much?

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    Best offer takes it

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    No one wants to even make an offer? (a reasonable one)

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    $250 plus $50 to ship it to NH

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    To low, sorry.

    Paid $640 for it last year brand new. Still in perfect condition...

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    yeah i lost that awhile back ill give you my address and you can send it ill pay for the shipping

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    I'll take it!
    i live in long beach, ny. how much to ship it here? i have no clue....i feel $350 is fair price for a board if it is in decent condition. let me know

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    maybe $350 if the board was a few years old and had some repaired damage

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    if u surfed it its worth half..good luck pray for surf