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    Best Surf Shop & Brand Logo

    I was driving down the beach road last week and wondering why I stop to check some shops but drive right by others. I think that if you don't have any local knowledge, the shops logo speaks volumes about how dialed in a shop might be.

    My favorites are OBBC in Nags Head and Hatteras Island Boardsports in Avon. Both use the Hatteras lighthouse in their logo, one is more abstract than the other, and both owners are pretty dialed in.

    Favorite brand logo is Christenson with the skull logo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jml7140 View Post
    Favorite brand logo is Christenson with the skull logo.
    100% agree. I think that McCallum's "dollar logo" is pretty legit too. I'm definitely going to glass a dollar on my next board.


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    Christenson is good. Really stands out and doesnt try to be pretty and cute. Makes great boards as well.

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    Its a tie. Either Birdie from Birdwell Beach Britches or 'the dude' from Kanvas by Katin.

    Warm Winds surf shop. Nothing tops the wave report: 401-789-7020

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    surf shops, wrv son!

    Brands- I like the roxy heart. I mean, OMG it's, like, two quiksilver's together, so, like, he he, I rip twice as hard.

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    LEE I thought you were gone bro! When you left, I pretty much stopped posting too. Why didn't you tell me you were back?

    This feels like when I was little and I would beg my older brother to play hide and seek with me. He would finally give in and tell me to go hide and then remain on the couch watching tv. You would think I would have caught on but I really just thought my hiding spot was that good...

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaGaffer View Post
    His boards are sweet; but pricey. I'm partial to the McCallum dollar too, but that's prolly cause the Imp of the Perverse sits on my right shoulder and is constantly whispering in my ear, the left shoulder's currently unoccupied
    I thought the US did away with all regulations in 2008 (joke).

    Will Allison, a local Wilmington shaper, has a pretty solid logo for his classic boards. Check it: