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Thread: Mary Lee

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    had one of mary lees friends swim by me up in mass the begining of december. nobody in the line up believed me said the water was to cold. it was 48 that day. and mary lee is in 37 degree water.dont think she cares about water temp.
    great whites can swim in cold waters no problem. maybe they prefer 50 degree water but they can handle cold water no problems. I saw this shark show (this one time at band camp... lol) showing how the layer below their skin and above their muscle is covered with a network of thick veins carrying blood from deep inside their body... so the idea is that warm blood is pumped through this layer keeping them warmer then the surrounding water....

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    hey Erock. dont believe a thing they youhere from nmfs. they are completely clueless to what is going on inthe ocean. they spend two weeks a year driving around on a luxury cruise ship pretending to find fish.recently when they were doing servey tows with their net full of holes they hualed back and had 77 pounds of fish. a fishing boat towed right along side them and videotaped the whole thing they hauled back over 10,000 pounds. its all politics and money games. the less fish they say is in the ocean the more money they have granteed to them to do research.

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    About two years ago my friend and I were walking down the beach to start our south swell drift (ripping side current) and we came across a fresh dead seal. Upon further review we noticed the seal had a cookie cutter bite taken out of it. The bite was a perfect half circle about 10-12 inches in diameter. I'm guessing whatever did it wasn't too big, maybe 5 or 6 foot? Of course we paddled out anyway because we didn't feel threatened by a shark that size. A 5 or 6 foot Bull shark would be kind of creepy though, but it was too cold for it to be a Bull. Ironically, we surfed the same spot yesterday and I deliberately made sure I didn’t know where Mary Lee was, or was heading for the past couple days.

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    Mary Lee is heading towards Mahogony Shoals! I wonder if she likes mudslides.