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    New level's of kookdom

    What do you think of how this guy promotes surfboards?

    I can't stand it. We don't want this loon to be the voice of the surfing world.

    What do you think?

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    Cool idea to promote the site but its pretty transparent.

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    i fully regret clicking that link and watching the first minute of that video and wasting my life

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    Man oh man, that makes two of us. My ears hurt listening to that tard. I've seen boards 'explained' so much better than that & without the juvenile wanna-be-cool histrionics while sporting a skullie. This fella is not happening in so many ways.

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    i believe we can all come into agreement that swellchasing is a kook for trying to make us look at these gay webisodes

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    I'd rather have everyone think surfing sucks so the lineups thin out.

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    What does kook mean?

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    A blasphemous insult to lost surfboards. It sounds like this guy hasn't even ridden one before...

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    "i'm holding it, i'm holding it, i'm rubbing it, i'm rubbing it"

    Sham wow comparison was spot on.
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    Anything that is named "Shredshow" isn't getting 5 seconds of my time.