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    Gerry Lopez he is not, what an idiot

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    Are you kidding me...what happened to RANDAL, GILLIGIGAN, and CHICKEN...those were the all time kick ass representatves for LOST. This guy has done one to many rails of meth and is molesting that board way to creepy!!! Disappointed...

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    I'm not even gonna look, I'll take your words for it. or take your's word for it. or you's guys's word for it. I think I just blew a fuse attempting to figure out how to word that and I'm still not sure....and yes, I ment to say another fuse.

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    In his defense, web video is a really, really tough game in terms of trying to hold people's attention, especially if you don't have footage and are just doing a standup. I was prepared to be appalled and didn't think it was too bad.

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    He wasn't that bad... I kinda want to buy a shamwow from him instead of a surfboard though.

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    Ditto, he wasn't awful plus the pace and info kept my attention but he's def more of a infomercial pitch man.

    At least the video didn't have a 1 min. intro showing trees, dunes, the car window view of the drive, the path to the beach, along with every special effect in their editing program, etc. That always pisses me off.

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    Typical swellinfo d*ckhead
    Putrid. Seeing him in that Brad Pitt wool hat instantly made me loathe him. Then, he flashes the guns in the unneccesary he-man pose when saying 'click the link below'. Kook would be a compliment for this guy. I'd rather just listen to Biolos himself.

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    Great video of one of the best board makers. I want an MR board!!!! Thanks for sharing this.

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    kind of a dorky video......(the 1st one anyway)

  10. clearly the lost video is meant to poke fun of the stokeddddd, pitteddd, brahhh mentality while delivering information about a board - if you missed that - grab a cold one and relax your trucker cap a couple of notches