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    Lewes, DE

    Question should Swellinfo converge all forums?

    Just wanted to see what people think about making just one forum - rather than having all of the different regions?

    do you like having a forum to talk with people in your area or would it be better to have discussion open to all to find and share?

    Let me know what you think - thanks.

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    It is kind of cool to hear whats going on locally, so I gotta say, I like it how it is...

    hey - thanks for the videos, they are awesome, but now I'm drooling all over myself...

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    Yea i have to go with steelwave on this one, i like the local forums

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    Ben Guest
    I really don't care either way, but it will be a more active forum if it wasn't categorized into local areas...although eskimo and steel bring up a good point. There is something about it being categorized that I like.

    Ben Sampson

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    I like the local forums. I think why people like the local forums better is because that is either where they grew up or grew up surfing it that area and they have a sense of pride. Well that is what I feel atleast.

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    maybe converge the gulf forums into one, the southeast/florida into another and the northeast/midatlantic into one. i would guess whatever hasn't had a post in a while should be converged.