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    Favorite sports and teams

    All right, per DP's request, I'll start a new thread. Relaxing and enjoying a couple cold ones as I write this. Not surf related. Will keep it simple.

    Never cared much for spectator sports when I was younger. Much rather participate in something than watch. However, over the years I've developed an interest in certain spectator sports. Friends and participation of family members in various sports have influenced this. Certainly there's a big difference between actually being at the ball park, stadium, arena, etc., than watching the event on TV.
    From past threads, I've gathered that there are other sports and activities, other than surfing, that many of us enjoy. I'm interested in hearing what are your favorite spectator sports and teams: professional, college, whatever...

    I'll kick this off (no pun intended). In order of preference:
    Ice hockey. NHL: Caps. College: Notre Dame, Syracuse.
    Football. NFL: Steelers and Redskins. College: Notre Dame, Navy.
    Baseball. MLB: Mets, Nationals 3A: Norfolk Tides, Syracuse Chiefs.
    Basketball: NBA: None really. College: Notre Dame, Syracuse, Dayton.
    And of course the Olympics. Particularly enjoy track and field.

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    Soccer: Man. City fan since Tevez first stepped foot in the Etihad
    Basketball: John Wall highlights
    Ice Hockey: Caps (holy shiz are they destroying teams)

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    Olympics....winter sports

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    I love the olympics, world cup soccer, and basically any other time I can say "go USA, and fuuck everyone else"


    Was an O's fan growing up but they have been bad for so long I fell off.

    My girl and I were just discussing, who the hell watches the NBA?

    I played lacrosse in college but I don't watch it anymore.

    I think what ruined most spectator sports for me are the fat d-bags who obsess over espn and have never ending pissing contests about who wastes the most time memorizing useless sports trivia.

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    NY Rangers all day
    Liverpool FC when its on
    Gracie Gold - secret crush
    Olympics: Biathlon. i would only make one change - add the ability to shoot other competitors. make it a man's game.
    i'll watch the Open if Federer is playing
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    College football/basketball/soccer: NC State
    NFL: Packers, Panthers, Steelers, Cardinals
    NBA: Thunder, Warriors, Hornets
    Tennis: Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka
    WSL: Owen Wright, Jeremy Flores

    The sport I grew up enjoying the most was college basketball, now it's probably the worst product to watch (except March Madness which f'n rules) Give me the NBA over college b-ball anyday! I really enjoy college football but the NFL is still probably my favorite sport overall to watch. That might have a lot to do with fantasy leagues and sports betting but I really look forward to Sunday's. No surfing after 1pm on football Sunday's unless it's all friggin time. If I had to rank sporting events I would go: the 1st NFL Sunday, March Madness/final four, Super Bowl, NBA Finals, College Football National Championship Game.

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    College Basketball: UNC
    NFL: Panthers (Lived in Charlotte for 10 years)
    NBA: Wherever steph curry goes, I'm tired of lebron and his b.s Curry is gonna win a lot more championships than bron bron
    WSL: Owen Wright or kolohe, totally different styles but I have mad respect for both guys
    Btw if you guys need the fanduel picks I gotchu, trust me with your money

    Oh yeah we should start a fantasy surfing group on wsl, been doing the reddit one dunno why I didn't think about SI.

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    Old timer here with only network TV sports but here is my list:

    Ice Hockey: B's or whatever is on TV. I actually have learned to listen to them on the radio. It's a skill.
    Football: Pat's (don't be a hater) but I really like watching any football. But not enough to plan my day around it.
    I give a big nod to World Cup Soccer - women & men. (Actually - the women don't dive as often.)
    Golf but only if it is a close game on the last day and maybe only the back nine and I have nothing else to do.
    I don't watch basketball but I do like filling out the March Madness pool.

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    I like hockey.