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All these threads dealing with Nica and banditos is starting to get in my head! Friday AM I was out for some leftovers in OCNJ. Offshore winds and snow falling make visibility difficult to say the least. After one less-than-memorable ride, the wind blew my board back and it konged me over the head. When I cleared the cob webs, I noticed a silhouetted figure on the beach staring at me. He was wearing a sombrero and it looked like he had a roll of duct tape in one hand and a machete in the other! I was gripped in fear! What if he stands there all day and I end up a frozen block of ice that some anthropologist finds 1000s of years from now trapped in an ice flow???
I shook my head again, and all I saw was an old lady bundled up walking her dog. Damn you ErocK!
It was Mantequilla