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    average joe review

    anyone have one? i'm sold on the design. i'm thinking a 5'7 or 5'9" would be good for me, but dang so expensive. discuss...

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    My buddy owns a 5'7, only surfed it once but I had fun on it. Not something you want to get for high performance short boarding. But if you're looking for a shorty for mushy waves or just tryna cruise and draw some long lines then this is a good buy. Look at reccomendations for the fin set up as well, can't remember what my buddy had on his but on a board like that the fin configuration will be important.

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    yeah...fins. another 80-100 bucks. quad setups are tricky to get right, and that's all I would use on this board. i like the stretch fins, personally, and that's what I have in my firewire dominator. they may not be applicable with this board, tho.

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    Get it dude, you will love it. It's only dough, you can make more. And think, it might be expensive but you are supporting Jake Burton who needs your help badly to fund his multinational corporate empire. And the quality is great for a PU surfboard made in 'merica. Short, fat and flat is perfect for teeny or really soft waves. And chicks dig it 'cause Kelly flippin Slater rides that label and that is important for confidence. Might be a handful in bowls or an El Sally surfari waves but I would not make it my 1 board quiver.

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    Good board...had the 5'5". Since sold it, and went back to a Vernon silver bullet2. Prefer the wider tail and skinnier board. Found the joe very wide at the mid point but the Vernon has some crazy mini Simmons speed and IMO, a skatier feel, which is what I was after. Joe still was pretty darn fun board for those smaller days...I would put some bigger fins on it...was using f4, then am1 but ultimately loved the am2's on it. Mine was a tri, wish I had the option to ride it as a quad...which is what I ride my Vernon as.

    Just ordered the mbtoo. Looking forward to trying it...have bought the weirdo, dd, joe, and dagger. Dagger my favorite from ci. Bought the mbtoo because of the flat rocker...stoked to try it on some of our flat face waves...I must say, my Vernon is my favorite...board just plain rips in knee to waist high summer surf.

    Sold the joe, dd, and weirdo...definitely gonna hold onto the Vernon and dagger...they just feel magical.

    Got my eye on a wrv chronic...just what I need...another stick.
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