Yup... meteorologically, winter is thought of as December, January, And February, even if that's not how it works astronomically:


I last surfed in mid-december, so it's been a pretty disappointing winter. But I have a newborn and can only get out on weekends, so I keep expectations low. Getting pretty desperate though.

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I think the 'surf seasons' around here are generally accepted to switch a month earlier. I wouldn't classify Katia or Leslie as summer waves, despite both swells being well before September 21st. Similarly, i think most consider late november to be the start of winter with the water temps falling and the swells switching to shorter interval hit and run windswells.

Even so, I don't know how you can include the doomsday swell and say it is only a four. Those were the best waves in NJ since April 20, 2011, a spring swell.


Maybe I am inflating my 7-8 becuase of how bad the past two winters have been.