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    This is what you can expect from an average winter in the south east. Im in Charleston, which isnt that far from HHI and receives basically the same swell directions and is effected by the shelf.

    This was in Dec. 2010

    Jan 2011

    Feb 2011

    50 degree water and small waves, maybe a handful of head high days but freezing cold. Starting in feb, march we start to get some SSE wind swells that are usually straight onshore and warm air, cold water and foggy.

    I went to California in December but haven't surfed since (broken arm). I would say this season was below average but with a few fun days and warm. Winter is always a good time to take a trip and escape the flatness/cold water for FLA, PR or California.

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    im thinking a 4- only cause the swells that we did get actually broke well with the swell direction- the sand bars lined up and the lineups where empty. If this was not the case- a 3 since its been so flat.... this is according to LBcrews rating system!

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewYorkSurfing View Post
    Last tuesday on long island was amazing

    This is form the Bunger report for that day...

    Report Date: Tuesday Jan 29, 2013 @ 7:00 AM
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    Wave Height: 2 ft
    Stoke Factor:

    Some little waves coming in. Waist high with some bigger sets. Winds are N early but will go to the E later in the day. Building conditions tomorrow as winds increase from the S. May see some fun waves on thur/fri.

    I dont recall it being amazing lol, looking by the cams alone it didnt look like anything good. Where were you surfing on LI ? This weekend though, keep them fingers crossed!!

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    depends on where you live on the east coast but i woud say 4-5 mediocre. some fn days. early winter started great and then flat spells hit. that one winter 4 years ago was sick that was a 9

    Quote Originally Posted by zach619 View Post
    Okay, so it’s been over a decade since I have surfed a whole winter on the east coast… Can you guys give me a grade on a scale of 1-10 (10 being epic) for the overall swell review for this current winter… Its about what I had expected, but I feel over the past month or so, things have slowed down to a screeching halt. In my mind, this winter feels like about a 3… anyone want to shed some light based on the past 10 years or so, where this winter has ranked?

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    I'd agree with those who say 3-4 at best, but this is a sliding scale. I recall the past few years great waves have come in late February and early March. However, you might not get much from those Noreasters down in HHI....

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    I think these standards are delusional. There have been 3 world class days in 2 months. That is at a minimal average.
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    2 - 3 mackin days make for great stories and memories. Still I would rather have 15 less photogenic days than 3 days capable of producing a money shot.

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    Virginia Beach = 0 I hate this place, swells only last half a day and then vanish to never know they existed and you get a six hour surf window with a whole bunch of loggers... if only the waves were as plentiful as the ladies there wouldn't be a problem.

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    Id say around a 3. also depends where you are in jersey. up north can deal with a SW to WSW wind where down south ends up being somewhat sideshore which makes it kinda junky. a couple of good swells in december if you were in the right location, but january was flat as hell.

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    Zach, you have to drive south and pick up these north swells. They usually start showing around Jax, and only get better as you head further down.