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    Puerto Rico Trip

    A couple friends and I are going to PR for the first time in late February. Flying into SJU and making the drive to Isabella where we are staying. Do you guys know of any good surf shops to rent good boards from? any where in on the north west coast?

    Any preferred breaks too..

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    IF you are driving to Isabella you should fly into aquadilla, its right next to isabella instead of the opposite side of the island, unless ur looking to check out san juan. Depending on swell direction kind of depends on whats breaking. If its not hitting the Rincon/aguadilla breaks then check the breaks in isabella. PR reminds me sort of a spanish hawaii, beautiful place, good luck.

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    yeah I went to PR for the first time this winter. Stayed in Rincon, but made the mistake of flying into SJU. It's only like a two hour maybe two and a half hour drive, but it was just a pain in the butt on the last day. Would have rather flown into aguadilla. But yeah if you're already booked for SJU its no big deal. People on the car rental reviews said a lot of the cheap places were really bad, but we used allied (one of the cheaper ones) and everything went real smooth. Even being under 25.

    As for spots and board rentals... Everything seemed like it was 20 a day if you were renting for like a week. Unlimited swaps and whatnot. There are shops everywhere.

    Breaks... ask anyone. The island is literally a surfers paradise, and the whole west coast knows the reason its flooded with people every winter.

    Good luck on the swells, I still have an urchin in my foot from last month.

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    Capital Water Sports Xtreme Rentals in Rincon is pretty cheap to rent boards from and the dude there is super cool. He might not be there if the waves are good though. You could walk to Little Malibu from the shop and Maria's is just a quick drive up the road. Definitely hit up Maria's. Long rights with a fairly spread out crowd. Just don't burn the locals. Respect brah. Oh, and don't leave anything valuable in your car.

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    Check out Surf Zone surf shop -

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    34thStreetSurfing check your PMs.... sent you a ? about Allied car rental

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    Quote Originally Posted by 34thStreetSurfing View Post
    I still have an urchin in my foot from last month.
    On that subject, are reef booties essential for a Puerto trip?

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    Mar Azul Surfshop in Rincon, just up the road from Sandy Beach / Maria's, Bobby will take care of you, great place to stay too.

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    We have a rental shop in Rincon between Mar Azul and Puntas Bakery on 413. $25/ day with the fifth and eighth days FREE. Over 70 epoxy/ eps boards in stock to select from. Fishes to SUP's and EVERYTHING in between.

    Here is the link with the board list of rentals.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by M.R.gnar28 View Post
    On that subject, are reef booties essential for a Puerto trip?
    No, but bring a sewing needle to work on them with.
    Don't touch the bottom.
    Isabella to Rincon is quite ways to go to rent a board..not sure if Surf Zone rents them but it'd be a lot closer, or check the shops at Jobo's.
    & look into Target car rentals in SJ