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    Ding repair question

    I have a small 1 inch crack in my board that broke through the glass. Easy fix but i'm curious what to use becasue the board is eps foam. Can I use normal suncure to patch it up or do I need to use epoxy?
    Thanks for the help

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    Epoxy only on eps foam.

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    if its going to be in contact with the must use epoxy.

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    regular resin will dissolve EPS.

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    Epoxy is the Type O blood of resin. you can use it on eps or pu blanks and can use it to repair poly or epoxy resin. if your board is an eps blank then it was glassed w/epoxy. you can get suncure epoxy very easily at most surf shops.

    If you do not believe Blackfish, pour a little bit of poly resin on the lid of your beer cooler. It will smoke and emit a noxious gas and the styrofoam will darken and melt. You don't want that happening to your board.

    Sand your ding thoroughly to make sure you get all the bad resin out. The stuff will cure a little bit better if you do your repair on a warm day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey View Post
    Epoxy is the Type O blood of resin
    Haha! Awesome! Mind if I steal that one?

    As for the Suncure stuff in the tube, it's good for a quick fix. I keep a tube of that stuff in my truck at all times just in case. But if you want to do a permanent fix, I recommend getting the good stuff here...

    It's a little 2 part epoxy mix kit of Resin Research... might even be what was used to build the board, as it's the highest quality surfboard specific epoxy available, IMO. It takes more time, but the end result will be perfect.
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    Thanks everyone. I knew regular resin and epoxy dont mix just wasnt sure if eps foam would do the same thing or not.