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    Monmouth County Water Temp

    Sweet! Monmouth County water temp looks great right now. Springsuit tomorrow, yeah!!!
    See people. You don't need to ask advice. Just go by the info on the site. See you tomorrow in my springsuit or board shorts. Since I got the water temp figured out. I just have to figure out what board to bring and what spot to go to.

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    Springsuit at 69? I'll never understand why people in Jersey just can't embrace the board short

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    says 72 in my area is this true

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    Yes, it's true. Water temp in Jersey is 70 right now. Go out in boardies

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    says 72 in my area is this true

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    I just went out and dipped my toes in the water, WARM!

    Crazy, this storm must of pushed up some serious water from the south