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Thread: Free Surfboards

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    You guys need to lighten up. If the guy wants to give out some boards and share his passion for Christ...why is that something to get hostile about? No one is being forced into anything as far as I can tell.
    Am I missing something here? What does a tax status have to do with it? I thought the surf culture was all about being laid back and hang loose.

  2. wWell done zaGaffer.

    Guys lets sum this up in a nut shell. Most people in this world dont believe in anything, that is why people murder steal dont go to work take more than they give dont take care of there own health house car block beach and even kids. Anyone in my eyes trying to teach anyone anything is good.Even more power to them if they pass out a book talk about jeses or god. Teaching kids or youth in general is or only hope in trying to turn this country around and the fact of the matter is when you look at in all the biggest change that has changed over the years is the decline in peoples faith in general. If you can get someone anyone to believe in anything its going to better them and the people around them.

    If you dont like what this guy has to say and you think you can do better do it. He isnt pushing you to pray or give him anything in reality his doing more then you are. Hes trying to help no matter what his under lying point is.

  3. Hes trying to help the way he sees best. We should all be doing the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonfollowerssurf View Post
    There is no religion being endorsed here. This is about having a personal relationship with Jesus and spreading the good news that goes with that. Free Surfboards for all in need of one.
    wait no religion but you're talking about a personal relationship with Jesus. That's the ENTIRE BASIS of Christianity.

    I surf and want a personal relationship with Allah. Is that wrong? Or how bout a personal relationship with Ganesh?

    keep your beliefs to yourself man.

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    Impacting the Coast for Jesus
    I must say negative outweighed positive here (persecution?). It's all good. If anyone would like to talk on a personal level feel free to PM me. If you have positive thoughts on this mission and you would like us to visit your area please contact us. To find out more follow us on facebook Son Followers Ministry Cocoa Beach.

    Impacting the coast for Jesus


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    Perhaps people are just tired of the hypocrisy that all too often gets jammed down our throats with the proselytizing. And which has been jammed at us for hundreds of years.

    Priests & religious 'leaders' of all kinds butt-bombing boys. Abusing women. Stealing money. Lording over us common folk with that entitlement thing raging unchecked.

    Perhaps many of us are just tired, tired, tired of hearing how someone proclaims that they have the solution to a good life, only to see that someone, time & again, unveiled as merely human with all the foibles, fallacies & foulness of standard-issue homo sapiens.

    You found something that works for you? Really? Then just keep it to yourself.

    Tired of the self-help soul-unrolled deep-dish how-to-fix-your-life recipes from those who've gone off the rails & stumbled back towards the rest of humanity wearing the cloak of self-destructiveness and redemption as if it's carte blanche or worse, their own private EZ Pass to life.

    Religious proselytizing is one of those offenders.

    Who giveth a f***eth what you think. Keep thine noise to thyself.

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    Yankee is correct, pride goeth before a fall, there is no one good, and all have sinned.

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    this is why you religious people are the worst. "i want to shove my beliefs on you but you're not allowed to disagree" stay in florida please.

    ps Hanna is my hero

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    If you find some kids, just give them the board yourself.... If you surf, you know kids that could use a new board.

    Quote Originally Posted by GA longboarder View Post
    I don't know what the issue is about a fellow Christian wishing to provide young people who might not be able to afford a surfboard the opportunity to try surfing and at the same time, perhaps lead them to know Christ.
    This organization is welcome to drop by the Brunswick/Jekyll Island area anytime. I'm sure I'll be able to find some kids wanting to surf and learn more about their salvation.