Perhaps people are just tired of the hypocrisy that all too often gets jammed down our throats with the proselytizing. And which has been jammed at us for hundreds of years.

Priests & religious 'leaders' of all kinds butt-bombing boys. Abusing women. Stealing money. Lording over us common folk with that entitlement thing raging unchecked.

Perhaps many of us are just tired, tired, tired of hearing how someone proclaims that they have the solution to a good life, only to see that someone, time & again, unveiled as merely human with all the foibles, fallacies & foulness of standard-issue homo sapiens.

You found something that works for you? Really? Then just keep it to yourself.

Tired of the self-help soul-unrolled deep-dish how-to-fix-your-life recipes from those who've gone off the rails & stumbled back towards the rest of humanity wearing the cloak of self-destructiveness and redemption as if it's carte blanche or worse, their own private EZ Pass to life.

Religious proselytizing is one of those offenders.

Who giveth a f***eth what you think. Keep thine noise to thyself.