Some guy a long time ago talked about the benefits of turning the other cheek and forgiving past offenses.... I think he was talking about the cheeks on the face by the way. Anyway, he was making the point that people all make mistakes but should be forgiven. Do you naysayers think that nothing good has come out of organized religion? Do you think all followers of a religion should be persecuted for other's offenses?I assure you many more people have been helped than hurt by giving themselves to a higher power. Is it specifically Catholics that turn you off? Just curious. Average Joe Catholic never cheered when when a child was molested, he didn't cover it up either. He was just as saddened and disgusted as you were.

I don't think it's fair to compare this guy to a child molester because he wants to teach people about the sport he loves and his beliefs. Stereotypes are pretty ugly things, sometimes they're right but you should allow the person to prove that they fall under the stereotype first. (Please don't respond to that comment with the assertion that we should put the OP in a closet with a kid and see what happens... I think you get the point I'm making.)

What if the OP was impacting the coast for kids (seriously OP, rethink your slogan)? Just giving them the means to have a hobby that isn't xbox, meth or stealing cars. Would you have a problem with that? That seems like that's basically what he's doing, he wants to say "hey kid, have a surfboard and let me tell you about this interest of mine that has helped me in my life and may help you."

The kids that may receive a free board will probably look at it like a timeshare meeting... go for the free vacation but probably won't buy the 3 weeks a year. OP just wants to share an idea, sounds like a pretty good deal... My 16 month old son is really interested in a 9'6" noserider, let me know if you get any OP!

The OP isn't a great salesman but at least he's trying. What have you done today other than hate on someone whose beliefs are different than yours?