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    Give the guy a break. You guys are all wringing your hands and now you've got me doing it. I'm not much on hand-wringing. He's not going to shave kids' hair off and get them to follow a comet to their eternal bliss with a glass of kool aid or anything. Yes, I agree he's a little stupid for seemingly enjoying the inflammatory nature of the whole thing here among surfers, but what do you care even if it is a means of getting money and following for a religious group and using surfboards to do so? I get it that religions have throughout history harbored a88holes who have killed countless others for their beliefs or lack thereof. Those are however, the a88holes. Plenty of other people out there (especially in this country) kill others and serve no one but themselves at least partially because they have no morals (like confederate flag dude mentioned) and whether we like it or not, many, not all mind you, but many get the moral direction that keeps us from having to deal with their selfishness or much worse, from some belief in something greater than themselves. They consider others' needs and wants as well as their own. Pretty foreign ideology for the ", me, me, meeeee!!!" generation, from which many of you folks hail, with your dumb vernacular streaming from the smartphone velcroed to your semi-literate noggins. Let's face it, this country is pretty much Babylon right now (and I'm not even a particularly religious guy). It does sound a little like Jesus himself and his own life when a person steps forward to try and help others see some light and joy in life and all you supposedly spiritual surfers all attack him. I believe Christ himself endured all of that, though not through the sterile environment of social media. And of course, some of you aren't even spiritual. You're like 18 (or worse, 40-something and still talk like you are) and you think of surfing like you so everything else in life....all for you, you're the coolest, most testosterone laden, chick banging stud in the world and you even have a skateboard for the days when you don't go out on two foot days on a 5-8 attempting repetitive silly looking aerials so that maybe the girls will look. Far too cool for Jesus anyway, you. If I meet Wayne I am going to buy him a beer. Jesus loved beer, I hear. I might even give him a wave. Nahh. It's the east coast. Waves are too scarce.
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