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Do not have time to sit and stair at screen and reply to every response. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I can tell you this, whether I am at the grocery store or at the beach, there is one thing on my mind and that is to tell someone how to be saved. You guys can sit and rant about how I am enticing kids. I am a father of seven kids, yes they are all mine with the same woman. I am not a catholic, lutheran, methodist, or any of them denominations. I am a follower of JESUS. I collect surfboards and other surf accessories from complete strangers and tell them my story. Trust me when I say this it is 43 years of story. At one time in my life I was a mess. If you ever want to hear about this ministry I will travel and speak to one or a large group of people and I will bring the family. I am not a troll looking for attention. I am not getting rich doing this. I will not peddle Jesus for a profit. I have one motive and that is for people to get saved. I could go on and on, any questions call me. Gotta go sunrise surf session with kids, then FREE SURF CAMP at 8am. Man you guys and girls are tough.

Impacting the coast for JESUS
Our point is that you feel the need to try and convert those who do not wish to be converted. Maybe you should go back in time and join the crusades as it seems you would fit right in. Or maybe you would fit better in Hitlers' propaganda machine. Notice not one of the people who have disagreed with your methods have said anything against churches or other houses of worship where people go in knowing what they are getting unlike coming to surf and getting a sermon.

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jesus prob never even existed. not one bit of evidence. first written word about him wasn't till 200 years after he supposedly died. none of the major historians in Rome ever mentioned him.
Well we do know a person named Jesus from Nazareth did exist based on census data collected from that time. Obviously if he was the son of God or not is open to debate. And the internet nor the printing press existed yet so getting information out was not instant like now days. Maybe you should do some reading or finish high school before saying dumb sh!t.